1. Anonymous said: Do you think it would be considered cultural appropriation for someone who is not Hindu to get a mandala tattoo? I'm white and considering it but if it is I'll ditch the idea and create an abstract design loosely based on them.

    I think it’s completely acceptable for you to get a mandala tattoo! I’d consider it an appreciation for the culture. I’m the whitest girl alive and I run this blog because I find mandalas to be interesting and beautiful. If you feel the same there should be nothing stopping you from putting a piece of art on your body, regardless of it’s cultural origin, if you want it to be there. Art is for everyone, and your race/religion etc. shouldn’t stop you from appreciating it.


    1. Hey guyzz, sorry I haven't posted anything in a few days but I've been crazy sick! Like I can't even speak or walk or eat so I haven't been up to making any more mandalas. ill be back with new ones soon!
  8. Click here for more mandalas!


  9. Anonymous said: How old are you?

    I’m seventeen!