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    I hate hearing all this “fuck skinny bitches” stuff like no, everyone should be happy with their body. You shouldn’t put people down to make others feel better we need to spread the message that everyone is beautiful, and although some people have preferences to what they think is attractive they should not tell others to change in order to fit that. 

    skinny shaming is not the solution for fat shaming

    accepting all body types is

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  8. Anonymous said: Do you think it would be considered cultural appropriation for someone who is not Hindu to get a mandala tattoo? I'm white and considering it but if it is I'll ditch the idea and create an abstract design loosely based on them.

    I think it’s completely acceptable for you to get a mandala tattoo! I’d consider it an appreciation for the culture. I’m the whitest girl alive and I run this blog because I find mandalas to be interesting and beautiful. If you feel the same there should be nothing stopping you from putting a piece of art on your body, regardless of it’s cultural origin, if you want it to be there. Art is for everyone, and your race/religion etc. shouldn’t stop you from appreciating it.